How Amazon India Affiliate Program Is Helping Me Earn Money?

I am from India and have signed up for Amazon India Affiliate Program. My experience with them is amazing. As Amazon is a brand, it is easy for me to promote their products online and make money as a commission on sales.

Amazon has a specific marketplace for Indian publishers. They are offering a wide range of products like books, Kindle, accessories, apparel, electronic items, etc. I’m mainly into digital products like e-books, software and other digital services. So, I choose products as per my niche.

Amazon.in affiliate program is similar to the US affiliate program offering huge discount deals. They pay around 5% commission on consumer electronics and 10% commission on other products including Kindle devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Amazon Affiliate Marketing In India?

How To Become An Amazon Affiliate In India?

You need to sign up for an account on https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/ with your personal details including an email ID. By entering your credentials, you can sign up for an account with them. Also, enter your website URL to create an account. Once an account is created, you can use any amazon.in product and create its affiliate link or banner.

How Much An Average Amazon Affiliate Earn In India?

Amazon Affiliate can earn on the commission basis. Average Affiliates who are doing well can earn around INR 50,000. But, the amount will certainly increase as you spend more time on learning and applying useful tactics and implement them to do better in affiliate marketing.

How I Became An Amazon Affiliate Marketer?

It was only on an inspirational basis. I got inspired by Affiliate marketers from India and abroad who are doing great. They shared their genuine income report that pumped me to get involved in this work and now I am earning a lot from Amazon affiliate ads.

How I Started My Amazon Affiliate Journey?

  1. Created a website on WordPress with a suitable domain name.
  2. Choosing a niche is essential that should keep in mind.
  3. I already have a successfully running YouTube channel.
  4. I signed up for the Amazon Affiliate Marketing India account.
  5. Set up categories for the relevant niches which I wanted to promote.
  6. On Amazon India site, check out different products and made their affiliate links.
  7. Added those links on my website and since then I am making a lot of money.
  8. Remember to continuously learn about affiliate marketing to do well.

Does Amazon Pay Their Affiliates On Per Click Basis?

No, they only pay on a sales basis. You have to convert your clicks into sales and then you’ll be able to make money.

Can I Promote Amazon Affiliate Ads On Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube and Other Social Media Platforms?

Though Amazon doesn’t allow promoting their ads on PDFs, emails and eBooks, they are quite ok with social media. You can share your Amazing affiliate links on social media channels. But, make sure to create a fan base first before sharing such links. Create A Fan Page, join groups, create quality content including videos and try to make them viral. This strategy can help you become a successful affiliate marketer on social media platforms.

What Do You Mean By Amazon Store ID?

Every Amazon affiliate has a unique store ID. This distinguishes you from other affiliate marketers.

Is It Necessary To Have A Website For Amazon Affiliate Program?

No, it is not compulsory. You can use a blog, YouTube channel and other online platforms for Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program.

What Is The Minimum and Maximum Commission on Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

For electronic products, the commission is around 5% and for other products, it is up to 10% including Kindle products. The percentage of the commission also varies category-wise. But, it doesn’t mean that your niche is not profitable. Even you can earn money by selling pens and notebooks. You should know how to monetize your niche-specific products.

Does Amazon Offer Legitimate Affiliate Program?

There is no doubt about it. Amazon is a brand and it has created a separate affiliate network program for is users in India.

Can I Send Emails Containing Amazon Affiliate Links?

Amazon doesn’t allow its affiliate links in emails. If you do that, they can even disable your account. So, make sure to use put links and banners on only legitimate online platforms for the safer side.

What Are The Best Products To Sell Through Amazon Affiliate Programs?

On physical products, you can earn less commission in comparison to digital products like eBooks, software, etc. However, the consumption of physical products is more than digital products. So, both are the best options that you can opt for. All products are used, it only matters how to sell them. Be a smart affiliate marketer and sell relevant products in the right places.

Is Amazon Affiliate Program Better Than Its Competitors?

Amazon is a brand and used worldwide. But, it doesn’t mean other affiliate programs are not offering lucrative deals. Affiliate networks like Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareAsale, Rakuten LinkShare, Awin, FlexOffers, Avangate Affiliate Network and others are also offering lucrative ways to make money.

Can I Become Rich With Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Remember one thing that affiliate marketing is not a get quick rich scheme. It requires plenty of hard work, to begin with. You have to learn a lot and then only you’ll make money. But, yes it is a great source of earning passive income. It is like growing a plant. Initially, you have to work on it and later on reap plenty of benefits. Popular affiliate marketers earn millions of dollars and are rich enough to live a lavish life.